University Marketing and Communications


A number of specialized libraries are available in different localities affiliated to S.A.S. These include:

  1. Information and Documentation Centre (Sudanese publications, Sudanese research abstracts, current research and references in various subjects).
  2. Industry library, (industry abstracts and specifications).
  3. Agriculture library (electronic library in cooperation with Cornel University, U.S.A, and a number of references).
  4. Animal Wealth library (publications in animal wealth, fisheries and wildlife).
  5.  Renewable energies library; (Solar energy, winds, biogas technology). 
  6. SAS Publication and Distribution Centre (member of Sudanese publishers).
  7. Association with the Egyptian Agriculture Library and the library of the International Center for Agricultural Research in Arid Zones, (ICARDA).
  8. Socioeconomic Research Institute library.
  9. Atomic Energy Commission library.